UAW Volkswagen Election Objections

The UAW appealed, as it should have,  its narrow loss in the recent VW election in Chattanooga.  The union was opposed, not by the company, but by state politicians and business groups who told the workers that state subsidies and incentives for the plant (on which the plant and workers’ jobs depended) would be withdrawn if they supported the UAW.  US Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn) said that VW had “assured” him the company would open new production but only if the union was defeated.   This kind of interference from third-party opponents of a union has long been considered to be objectionable conduct requiring a new election.   The NLRB requires that union elections be conducted under “laboratory conditions,”  free from interference by both employers and outsiders.

The UAW’s objections, filed with the NLRB, is worth a read.  It can be found here:   http://uaw.org/sites/default/files/UAW_Election_Objection.pdf

Full disclosure:  While I was not personally involved in the VW election, I represented the UAW in the South for almost 30 years and participated in many UAW election campaigns.